"Exploring and addressing the behavior of colloidal particles in soft media"

Le 8 janvier 2019
À 10h30
Amphithéâtre Henri Benoît à l’ICS

Vous êtes cordialement invités à la conférence "Exploring and addressing the behavior of colloidal particles in soft media"de Giuseppe Boniello, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA, organisée par l'Institut Charles SADRON

Soft matter provides unique opportunities to control and address the dynamics of microscopic particles. This feature is an ambitious challenge in several fields. As examples, it can be employed in material science to direct self-assembly of hierarchically organized structures, or in biology to understand bacteria mobility, biofilm formation or cell adhesion. In this talk I will present studies of colloidal particles dynamics in different environments and show how soft media can affect particles behavior: at air-water interfaces capillarity exerts an additional drag on the particle [1]; at solid interfaces, polymer coatings mediate particle-substrate interactions, providing a tool to trigger adsorption and adjust adsorption rate [2]; in confined cholesteric liquid crystals boundaries mold the energy landscape creating preferred sites for particle location.
[1] G .Boniello et al., Nature materials, 14.9 (2015): 908.
[2] G .Boniello et al., Physical Review E, 97.1 (2018): 012609.

Les personnes souhaitant rencontrer Giuseppe Boniello sont priées de prendre contact avec Antonio Stocco (tel. 03 88 41 40 45 ou mail antonio.stocco@ics-cnrs.unistra.fr)

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