"Exceeding Shockley-Queisser Limit with Singlet Fission"

Le 27 mai 2019
À 16h00
Auditorium de l’IPCMS

Vous êtes cordialement invités à la conférence "Exceeding Shockley-Queisser Limit with Singlet Fission" de Satish PATIL, Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, organisée par l'IPCMS

Abstract :

Multiexciton generation through singlet fission has the potential of exceeding Shockley–
Queisser limit in photovoltaic devices. However, only very few materials suitable for singlet
fission are available at present and the mechanism of inter- and intra-molecular singlet fission
are not fully understood. Detailed knowledge regarding the processes is crucial for developing
new materials. In this talk, I will present the molecular design and synthesis strategies to meet
the exchange energy and morphology criteria for molecules to undergo singlet fission.

1. Molecular Design Strategies for Efficient Intramolecular Singlet Exciton Fission, K.C.
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3. Is the Chemical Strategy for Imbuing “Polyene” Character in Diketopyrrolopyrrole-
Based Chromophores Sufficient for Singlet Fission? Tushita Mukhopadhyay et al. J.
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