"Co(II) based Single ion Magnets and an amazing MOF based Sensor"

Le 14 juin 2019
À 14h00
IPCMS, room #74

Vous êtes cordialement invités à la conférence "Co(II)  based Single ion Magnets and an amazing MOF based Sensor" du Pr.Sanjit KONAR, Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Science Education & Research Bhopal, India, organiséé par l'IPCMS


The smallest magnet-like molecules containing only one single magnetic ion usually called single-ion magnet (SIM). The development of this class of molecules, i.e., SIMs, are currently the hottest topics in SMM research and the reason for which is their simple structure compared with polynuclear complexes that allows to have a better understanding of the correlation between structures and magnetic properties. In most of the reported transition metal-based SIMs, one common feature is the low coordination number of the metal centers as the single ion anisotropy is enriched due to the unrestricted orbital angular momentum by limiting the coordination number of the metal ion. The efforts to rationally control the single ion anisotropy have been escalated during the last few years. Many mononuclear tetra-coordinated, penta-coordinated, hepta-coordinated CoII SMMs have been reported with varieties of geometries. However, factors regulating single ion anisotropy are not well comprehended and intricate control over magnetic anisotropy is one of the most challenging tasks. An elaborative experimental and computational study will be discussed on selected example of Co(II) based SIMs to shed light in the effect of coordination environment and geometry on magnetic anisotropy of these complexes.1-2
In the second part of my talk, a novel Cu(I) based two-dimensional metal-organic framework (MOF)3-4 will be presented. The MOF is found to behave as a colorimetric detector for the widest variety of small molecules like different solvents, halobenzenes, N-heterocycles, amine and nitroaromatic explosives all in vapor phase through a Single Crystal to Single Crystal (SCSC) transformation. Notably, till date, this is the only report of a material that encapsulates such a large number of small molecules in the vapor phase in SC-SC fashion with visible color changes.

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