"Pickering emulsions stabilized by thermo-sensitive microgels"

Le 6 mars 2020
À 10h30
Amphithéâtre Henri Benoît à l’ICS

Conférence "Pickering emulsions stabilized by thermo-sensitive microgels", de Véronique Schmitt, Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal, Pessac, France, organisée par l'Institut Charles Sadron.

Les personnes souhaitant rencontrer Véronique Schmitt sont priées de prendre contact avec Fouzia Boulmedais (tel. 03 88 41 41 60 ou mail fouzia.boulmedais@ics-cnrs.unistra.fr)

Microgels, composed of thermo-sensitive polymers as poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) (pNIPAM) may be used to stabilize emulsions. The morphology of microgels adsorbed at interfaces are accessible through the limited coalescence process occurring in Pickering emulsions and through direct Cryo-SEB visualization. We investigated the link between microgel packing at the interface and the macroscopic properties of the resulting emulsions. We showed that in these versatile systems the packing density of adsorbed microgels and the emulsion properties may be tuned by the microgel structure or by process parameters.

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