ChemBiotech Cycle

Take the lead: join an engineering programme at the interface between chemistry and biotechnology.

Since 2014, the ECPM and the Strasbourg School for Biotechnology (ESBS), both internal schools within the University of Strasbourg, have offered a new joint engineering programme: ChemBiotech. The aim of this three-year programme is to produce engineers skilled in the different fields at the interface between chemistry and biotechnology, fully operational in production, research, innovation and development in the health and environment sectors.

ChemBiotech engineers are able to understand and thus coordinate, in an international environment, the different partners (chemists, biologists, pharmacists) involved in the development of a new drug in the pharmaceutical industry, for example. They are also active in emerging fields such as green chemistry, biopolymers and biocatalysis.

The chemistry/biotechnology interface is a strategic choice in confronting the numerous challenges of the future. Chemistry and biotechnology come into play in a wide variety of industries including health, food-processing, biodegradable materials, the environment and cosmetics.

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