ECPM wins the Ingénieuses'15 Prize

25 June 2015

On 18 June, the ECPM, represented by Isabelle Kraus, a professor/researcher at the ECPM and the person leading the Equality/Diversity mission at the University of Strasbourg, received the Ingénieuses'15 Prize, in the Category of "Teaching of Equality between Men and Women", during a ceremony organized at Chimie ParisTech.

Isabelle KrausThis prize, given by the CDEFI (Conference of the Directors of French Engineering Schools), rewards projects launched at engineering schools which favour equality between men and women, promote engineering programmes and careers amongst women, and challenge gender stereotypes.

The ECPM won thanks to its course entitled "Stereotypes and issues of professional equality between men and women". This course was created by Isabelle Kraus, who enlisted the support of five professors/researchers from different departments within the University of Strasbourg: Phyical Sciences, Life Sciences, Education and Politics.

Forming part of the core curriculum of the ECPM's engineering cycle, in the first year, this course is compulsory for all students and is offered as part of the Human, Social and Economic Sciences module (SHSE). Its aim is to sensitize students to the stereotypes that surround us and that we convey, without even being aware of it. The question of professional equality between men and women is approached as a response to this. Using students' representations of gender as a base, they are led to reflect equality between the sexes.

A course organized around 3 sessions of interactive work

Over three two-hour sessions, students work in subgroups of 5 on an assigned task to develop arguments, discussions and exchanges. At the outcome of each of these sessions, they are asked to produce posters or oral presentations to summarize their ideas. The first session approached notions of stereotypes and prejudices. The second showed that prejudices lead to discrimination, including in one's work. This discrimination creates inequality. The third session allowed students to devise an observation guide which a group of five students then created. This guide was distributed to all the students in the year just before leaving for their internships. It will allow each intern to identify the actions and attitudes which encourage or which impede equality between men and women. At the end of the internships, each student will be invited to send their observations to the teaching team, who will then write up a summary.

Un travail encadré par des binômes d’enseignant-e-s

The six professors/researchers worked in male/female pairs with the students. This supported and demonstrated the idea equality concerns everyone, men and women. A sociologist also contributed her expertise to the team. She circulated amongst the groups to answer specific questions, often related to anthropology.

Isabelle Kraus:

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