New measures to improve the quality of reception for our international students

29 March 2022

Following a review of practices and services offered in the spring of 2021, several areas for improvement were identified to enhance the quality of our international students' welcoming. These students represent 20% of the school's students.

On September 9, 2021, our new international students were invited to a welcome event at ECPM. The objective was for them to get to know each other and for the school to introduce them to their main contacts among the members of the Management and the International Relations Department.

Emmy Wittner, a member of the "International Sponsorship Office" of the University's International Relations Department, also presented the Bienvenue en France label, which awards three stars for the quality of the welcome given to international students at our institution, as well as the new sponsorship program.

Our welcome event was hosted by members of the Arts Office who worked to set up the "Welcome Club".

Interview with Juliette Delbreuve, head of the BDA (Arts Office) and initiator of the Club:

What is the Welcome Club and what is its purpose?
The Welcome Club is in charge of the integration of international students. Its goal is to guide them when they arrive in France, to help them with their administrative procedures and to answer their questions.

Why are you involved in the Welcome Club?
The integration of international students is particularly important to us. The diversity of students is a strength of ECPM, and we want to help international students feel at home in our school.

What are your plans?
We have already succeeded in making sure that the emails from the different clubs include a summary in English so that students who are not yet fluent in French can understand them. We would like to set up an afternoon or evening dedicated to international students, in order to highlight their cultures. We would also like to encourage international students to run for office in the school's various clubs, so that they too can be active members of student life.

How can I reach you?
The Welcome Club is managed by the ECPM Arts Office. You can reach us by sending an email to, or by sending a message via Facebook on the Bureau des Arts page. Our secretary Armand Levoin will be happy to answer you!

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