Do you know what agroecology is? "CPI 1A" students' project "France 2030, objective 6

25 April 2022

Agroecology is a model of natural agriculture that aims to limit / replace synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers, using solutions based on nature, products of biological origin or living organisms.

As part of a project called "France 2030, Objective 6!" linked to the France 2030 plan, CPI1A students, as a team, came up with practical and innovative solutions to improve some existing agroecology initiatives.

Through this project integrated into an Organic Chemistry course, the students were able to develop the following skills: learning in a different way, cooperating as a team, developing their ability to search for and analyze information, innovating, developing their creativity and communicating.

The themes of agroecology addressed by the students of CPI1A, during this project are :

- Growing legumes to replace fertilizers

- Methanization

- Recycling of non sustainable plastic

- Essential oils used for trees

- A vaccine for plants?!

- Biocontrol

- Mycorrhiza

Congratulations to the students, actors of today and tomorrow! 


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