Alan Logéat

Alan LogéatAlan Logéat is a research and development engineer at Bosch and graduated from ECPM in 2008 in the Materials program. He comes to present his company every year at the school and regularly welcomes students for internships. This year, he entrusted them with five microprojects. He took part in a question and answer session to present his career path.

You are originally from Brittany, why did you cross France to study chemical engineering?

« I looked for a chemistry school with a good reputation in the industry without worrying about the CCP ranking which does not reflect the level of the schools. In addition to a varied range of subjects from chemistry to physics, the European aspect of the school and its scientific courses in foreign languages motivated my choice ».

How did your career path unfold?

« After a gap year in the research center of the Bosch company in Germany, it became clear to me that this multinational company of 300,000 employees not listed on the stock exchange could offer me all the challenges for my future career while remaining in line with my personal values such as sincerity, trust and loyalty, which are also the values displayed and lived in the company. I then did my final internship and my thesis in the Stuttgart research center. In addition to offering me the opportunity to complete a doctorate at a high scientific level, Bosch gave me the opportunity to gain an insight into the world of corporate research and to better understand the needs of the industry ».

Does your job as a research and development engineer correspond to the image you had of it? How did your training prepare you for it?

« I manage innovative projects that consist in developing the n+2 generations of Bosch products, mainly in the automotive sector. The image I had of the engineering profession during my studies was quite blurred. It s ́ became clearer through contact with industry. My studies at ECPM provided me with a general scientific culture that allows me ́to exchange with a large number of fields of expertise and to develop products with other departments than the Functional Materials department in which I work. In addition, the activities of the associative life taught me the basics of networking which prove to be essential in the world of the ́entreprise. Moreover, I keep regular contact with my sponsoring family, which represents ten graduating classes from the 2nd year student who sponsored me when I entered the school in 2004 to the last sponsored student in 2012. We all met again last year at the graduation ceremony ».

Why do you want to stay in touch with ECPM?

« The school has given me a lot and I feel that the students are well trained. For Bosch, it's an opportunity to increase its pool of recruits for the future. In terms of technology watch, we have a lot of topics to monitor. Microprojects are a good way to get a fresh look at a subject that we don't necessarily have the time to deal with ourselves. So it's a win-win relationship with ECPM ».

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