Arts Office

Bureau du BDA : portrait de groupeBeing part of the Arts Office (Bureau des Arts "BdA"), che BdA is above all an opportunity to express one's personality and develop one's creativity through numerous clubs, but also an opportunity to awaken one's curiosity and perfect one's culture! The BdA organizes events throughout the year, such as Central Perk, Pandawards, and Strasbucks, and comes up with inventive ideas to liven up school life.

Photo Development Club

The main objective of the Photo Development Club is to help students discover a traditional and magical art: silver photography! In our darkroom, we develop in small groups the photos taken by the students.
''Life is like photography, we develop from the negatives.''

Concours Top Chef du Club CuisineClub Cuisine

Evenings are offered throughout the year so that students can come and cook, enjoy themselves, and especially taste. Cooking competitions, inspired by the famous Top Chef, are also offered so that cooking enthusiasts can show their talents as a chef.

Theater Club

The Theater Club organizes many improvisation theater sessions and prepares a play. Its biggest project is to produce a play that will be presented at the ECPM Gala in November.
Overcoming shyness, expressing one's talent, having a good laugh... All reasons are good to do theater!

Club RockClub Rock

With a fully equipped room, the rock club offers all musicians the opportunity to participate in various rock concerts during the year: during the Gala, Central Perk evenings, or outside. Here there is only one goal: to show one's musical talent in a friendly and rhythmic atmosphere where the group spirit dominates.


The choir, or the club, will take your breath away with all of its singers in a variety of timbres. In collaboration with the rock club, the choir takes popular music and adapts it to satisfy a diverse audience, students and adults alike. Music is good, but with voices, it's even better!

Club Outings

The club takes care of all the activities organized by the Arts Office outside of school. There is something for everyone! You can do everything in Strasbourg, so why not take advantage of it?
Come and discover the city and its surroundings in the magical Christmas decor, enjoy the funfair atmosphere of the Cannstatter Volksfest in Stuttgart and awaken your inner child at Europapark!

You can find the Arts Office on Facebook

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