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The Photo Club

Club photo : portrait de groupeThe ECPM Photo Club is there to immortalize every moment of the school's life, whether it is during the evenings organized in the foyer, during the outings, during the integration weekend, at the sports events or even during THE evening of the year: the Gala! The 10 members of the Photo Club are always on the lookout for a good photo to take. The Photo Club is also in charge of creating a student directory, so that everyone can keep in touch during and after their studies in Strasbourg.

La cigogne (the stork)

La cigogne is the official student newspaper of ECPM. For the team of students in charge of it, it is about telling the news of the school in issues that come out monthly. La cigogne relates all the events that have taken place and gives summaries of parties but it is also used by the students of other associations to talk about them and their events throughout the year.

The newspaper is written in full collaboration with the various clubs of the school, which allows the articles published to talk about ECPM but also about life in Strasbourg.

Email : lacigogne.ecpm@gmail.com

The Gala


At ECPM, newly graduated students are lucky: the Gala evening is entirely dedicated to them and traditionally takes place at the end of November. The entire ECPM, motivated by the Gala team, is mobilized to organize an evening rich in emotion for the graduating students.

First of all, a fashion show will kick off the festivities: about twenty models drawn at random will proudly display their outfits, all to music. The parade will end with the traditional wedding dresses.
Then, a play, concocted by a team from the Arts Office, will hold the audience spellbound and reveal the hidden talents of the many actors of the ECPM.

Finally, the Rock Club and the Choir Club will offer a concert during which more or less known titles will be interpreted by the school's musicians and singers.
But that's not all! The evening continues as several themed rooms (electro, rock and jazz) will be open until the end of the evening.

The Gala team will make sure that the evening goes as well as possible for everyone and that everyone remembers this day when, for one evening, they lived the Gala at the ECPM...

Gala's Facebook Page

Illustration club PompomThe Pompom Club

The Pompom Club is not, as you might imagine, a cheerleading club that supports ECPM's sports teams. It is one of the school's traditions and a full-fledged activity in which a large number of students participate each year.

The leaders of the Pompom club, 4 in number, create each year a new choreography on a mix of music and a particular theme in order to participate in the tournament Tournoi Inter Chimie (TIC).

Strasbourg Chimie Service (Strasbourg Chemistry Service)

Strasbourg Chimie Service is an association of the junior council type that provides services to companies.
Its members' mission is to approach companies and respond to their requests. Their goal is to offer small jobs to ECPM students and to make themselves known to companies.


Ingénieurs sans frontières (Engineers Without Borders)

Ingénieurs Sans Frontières is an association present in most of the engineering schools in France, which aims to train engineers who are citizens and aware of the social and environmental responsibilities of their profession.

At ECPM, nearly 20 volunteers are involved in ISF this year. The projects are numerous and varied: scientific popularization and accompaniment of schoolchildren (Les Jeudis de Sophie), implementation of selective sorting, awareness of new eating habits through discovery breakfasts, international solidarity project...

A highlight of the association was the organization of RESIC 2018 at ECPM, a weekend that brings together all EWB members in France, where many workshops on feminism, food democracy or data protection were organized. To conclude, EWB is the association where everyone can defend the themes that are important to them, while raising awareness among as many people as possible.

Ingénieurs sans frontières : portrait de groupe

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