ECPM Engineering Cycle

Becoming an ECPM engineer

Cycle Ingénieur ECPMThe ECPM produces trilingual chemical engineers, principally for Research & Development in the chemical industry, who have a solid scientific and cultural background in the fields of emerging materials, health, the environment, sustainable development and energy, and who are able to evolve in an intercultural and international context.

  • A core curriculum lasting 3 semesters to learn the basics in analytical sciences, molecular chemistry, polymer engineering, functional materials and nanosciences
  • Choice of a major halfway through the second year (S8) as a first specialization:
    • Chemistry for health and the environment
    • Emerging materials for sustainable development
  • A personalized third year.

Characteristics of the ECPM engineering programme:

  • An international orientation: language classes make up 11% the programme; 40% of scientific lectures are in English and German; one internship has to be completed outside of France; the 3rd year can be spent entirely abroad; double diplomas can be done in conjunction with German and Spanish universities; the ECPM has 45 partner universities.
  • Technical skills are prioritized: lab sessions represent 40% of the programme.
  • Strong interaction with research: internships and projects in our internationally recognized research laboratories; availability of the labs' cutting-edge technology; possibility of doing a concurrent Research Master's Degree in the 3rd year.
  • Industry at the heart of the programme: 3 internships are required; 15% of teaching is done by industrial partners; students benefit from thematic days, visiting speakers, real-world experiences, student–business forums, projects, and courses in human, social and economic sciences to promote familiarity with the world of industry.
  • The formalizing of a career plan: a skills-based approach drawing on internships and projects.

After graduation:

The Master Administration des Entreprises (MAE) (Master's in Business Administration), a double qualification for manager–engineers.

A personalizable 4-month programme offered by the EM Strasbourg Business School for the price of a basic enrolment fee, offered to graduate engineers of the Alsace Tech network (a network of engineering schools in Alsace).

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