Interaction with industry

Work-linked training : the professionalisation contract

You have the opportunity to complete the third year of the program in companies under a work-study contract, regardless of the major you have chosen: Chemistry & AI, Molecular Chemistry, Polymer Engineering, Functional Materials & Nanosciences and Analytical Sciences.

A work-study program specific to the school will allow you to integrate well into your company. The first semester, with long periods in the company (3 to 4 weeks), will give you the opportunity of a total immersion in your new work environment and a quick grasp of your project. The second semester allows you to focus exclusively on the advancement of your technical project.

You will benefit from a double support by a teacher-researcher of the school for the scientific part of your project and by the "Pro contract" project manager in terms of acquisition of transversal and managerial skills.

The gap year

As an ECPM student, you have the possibility of taking a gap year between the end of the 2nd year and the beginning of the 3rd year of the curriculum.

"The Césure (gap year) is an optional period that extends over a maximum of one academic year during which the student, enrolled in a higher education program, suspends it temporarily in order to gain personal experience, either independently or within a host organization or educational institution in France or abroad"
(Decree n° 2018-372 of May 18, 2018NOR: ESRS1813068D)

You have the option of doing this gap year in a professional environment in France or abroad. In the latter case, ECPM cannot issue an internship agreement to the student-engineer who wishes to work in a company. The company must therefore offer him/her a temporary contract according to the legislation in force in the country where the internship is to be carried out.

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Industry internship

Internships are an important part of practical training. It is through these internships that a future graduate refines his or her profile and professional project. Each student must complete a minimum of 3 months of internship abroad. But they can do more if they wish!

  • 1st year: the worker or technician internship. This is a first contact with the technical, economic and human aspects of the business world. Duration: 6 weeks;
  • 2nd year: the engineer internship in a company. The student must carry out a study project independently under the guidance of an internship supervisor. It must take place in industry and allows students to discover the aspects of future management life. Duration: 17 weeks;
  • 3rd year: the end-of-studies R&D internship in a company or laboratory. It is carried out in a public or private research laboratory. It is validated by an end-of-study thesis and gives rise to an oral defense. Duration: 22 weeks.

Student-company projects

The acquisition of project management, collective intelligence and problem solving skills is exclusively carried out on subjects proposed by the school's partner companies through 2 types of Student-Company Projects:

  • The Industrial Mission in the 2nd year of the curriculum
  • The Research Microproject in the 3rd year of the curriculum

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Visits of industrial sites

Visite du Musée Michelin par les 2AIn the first year, students discover remarkable industrial sites in groups of 10 participants. In the 2nd or 3rd year, the company visits are targeted on the discovery of a new technology or specific industrial processes.

The following companies regularly welcome us on their industrial sites: DOW, Corteva, Trinseo, Catalent, Soprema, DSM, Tereos, Lilly, Octapharma, TFL, Novartis, Michelin, etc...



Recruitment fairs

[Translate to English:] Forum Alsace TechECPM engineering students participate in 2 recruitment fairs:

  • The Forum Horizon Chimie (FHC) co-organized by students from ECPM, ENSCP, ESPCI and ENSIC at the Maison de la chimie in Paris. It is the only recruitment fair specializing in the chemistry professions.

  • The Forum Alsace Tech & Université de Strasbourg The forum welcomes European companies attracted by the quality of the German-speaking students and the diversity of the courses covering all their professions (R&D, QA, production, maintenance, HR, marketing).


Educational interventions by professionals

At the ECPM, they represent 16% of the teaching staff. They are particularly involved in human, social and economic training.

The "Mercredis de l'ECPM"

These conferences are led by professionals who present their companies and the possibilities of integration of ECPM students. Students can thus discover the numerous possibilities of career paths within the different sectors that employ ECPM engineers (cosmetics, aeronautics, pharmaceuticals, plastics, chemistry, renewable energy, petrochemicals, construction materials, electronics, nuclear, etc.)

The following companies regularly participate in Mercredis de l'ECPM (ECPM's Wednesdays): DOW, SOPREMA, BASF, Bosch, Corteva, DuPont, Evonik, Mane, Merck, Novartis, Michelin, Saint Gobain, SANOFI, SOLVAY.

The missions proposed by the Strasbourg Chimie Service Association

Thanks to the « Strasbourg Chimie Service », association, engineering students have the opportunity to carry out short-term missions for an industrial company by providing technical and scientific support.

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