Recruit your future collaborators

If you are are looking for talent to develop a creative, responsible chemistry in an international context, the ECPM's engineers, innovative and thriving on cultural diversity, will add value to your business.

The ECPM's engineers are trilingual, endowed with advanced practical training in cutting-edge research. Within the chemical industries, they are geared in particular towards health, the environment, sustainable development, energy and emerging materials. They derive their expertise from a solid knowledge base and lab skills in molecular chemistry, analytical sciences, polymer engineering, functional materials and nanosciences. 52% of the ECPM's engineers work in Research, Development and Innovation. 71% work in an international context.

The profile of an ECPM engineer:

  • Creative and responsible
  • Expertise acquired and validated through practical work
  • The ability to integrate rapidly into your teams
  • Ready for international contexts

Read more details about the profile of our engineers here

You can recruit one of our student engineers for an internship here

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